Poratble Application,Itz here….

Are you getting bored of installing your necessary software’s in every PC you operate ,at home ,school, college or at your work ????Now its time to make your application portable and to get rid of installation every time  by making your soft ware portable and carry it on any flash / pen drive ,use it in any computer without installing it .

Easiest way to make it portable by using PAC (Portable App Creator )

You can find in on : http://portableapps.com/node/9909#comment-71004 
or try alternate direct link : http://download502.mediafire.com/40snttyazc6g/l2oqnhqxlwz/Portable+App+Creator+0%C2%B797%C2%B72+beta.zip
download it and allow in to download few files,it won’t take much time.



-Portable App Creator should be run on a clean system, with no traces of the application you’d wish to make portable. This
is important as (all) files added to the system and/or keys added to the registry have to be detected. If certain files and/or
keys already exist on the system, the Portable App created may not work (correct).

-Double-click Portable App Creator in order to start the program. Portable App Creator will automatically detect your
PortableApps Drive and/or suggest a drive to use.

-Choosing an installation package in the second screen of Portable App Creator will make it possible for PAC to monitor
the installation of the package for you and create a shortcut to the installed software on the PortableApps menu.

-Choosing “skip” in the second screen will only create a shortcut. Just follow the instructions on the screen.

-The speed of monitoring an installation depends on the speed of your system, the size of the registry and the number of
files in some specific folders on the system. A clicked button displays “working…” while Portable App Creator is working
on something. 

-This may not be too clear because the clicked button is grayed-out (disabled) as well. Whenever Portable
App Creator finishes its work, a new button will be enabled: just have some patience. The “take 1st shot”, “take 2nd shot”
and/or compressing the application using UPX may take a (few) minute(s) to complete. Each other step shouldn’t take
more than a few seconds without user-interaction.

-A Portable App created with Portable App Creator will (temporarily) copy the necessary files in %systemroot%\system32,
%userprofile%, %allusersprofile%, %commonprogramfiles% as well as the necessary information in the registry to the

-All original settings of the host-computer (as far as related to the application) will be backed-up prior to
running the Portable App and are being restored after the Portable App closes.

You are DONE !!!!

you can find all this in READ ME file ,,ENJOY.

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