Custom ROM TechnoDUOS (BDSky 1.5) For Galaxy Y Duos GT-S6102

Samsung Galaxy Y Duos is a dual Sim enabled Android Gingerbread phone. Galaxy Y Duos has already been rooted by developers and first ROM has been launched for it. XDA developer forum member Millan.SIS has introduced the TechnoDUOS custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy Y Duos GT-S6102. This is a fully Deodexed and zip aligned ROM which makes it stable and fast. Beside that its pre rooted and equipped with many teeks that helps to boost up the device.Here is the latest version of that Rom  TechnoDUOS BDsky 1.5.



( A new rom Xpreis-Duos is available   HERE )

( If you are completely noob and this is your first installation ,read THIS guide )

(First & foremost work for you is to make a nandroid backup using cwm from here.)

1. ROM
=Copy the Rom to the root of your sdcard
=Boot into Recovery using 3 button combo
=Wipe data/factory reset
=Wipe cache partition
=Apply update from sdcard
=Select your
=Select zip from sdcard… => Rom
starting will be slow so wait and don’t force stop.

=Copy both & boot.img(kernel) to the root of your sdcard.
=Boot into Recovery using 3 button combo
=Apply update from sdcard
=Select your
=Select zip from sdcard… =>


Version 1.5 BDSky

1. TechnoDUOS1.5 (Nightly 1502) (Rom)
2. TechnoDUOS1.5 (Nightly 1503) (UpdatePack)
3. TechnoDUOS1.5 (Nightly 1510) (UpdatePack)
4. TechnoDUOS1.5 (Nightly 1512) (UpdatePack+)
5. BDSky Kernel


1. KernelFlasher (Only Flash)
2. KernelFlasherV2 (Flash + Backup)

Change Log -TechnoDUOS 1.5 BDSky

I. Home Button, Lock Screen & Incoming Call Problem Fix :
(Only for them who faced these problem)

=Wipe Data/Cache
=Flash TechnoDUOS1.0
=Reboot (To TechnoDUOS1.0)
=Use TechnoDUOS1.0 for 2-3 min (Don’t install any apps)
=Reboot (To Recovery)
=Don’t Wipe Data/Cache
=Flash TechnoDUOS 1.5 1502
=Reboot (To Recovery)
=Flash TechnoDUOS 1.5 1512
=Reboot (To TechnoDUOS1.5)
This fix has been discovered by jman0 during the testing period in TechnoDUOS Development Group.
All credits to him.

If any app force closes, clear it’s data from settings.

Extra Information (Alternative Fix)
This problem arises due to incompatibility with the current firmware of your phone.
So try upgrading your firmware to latest using kies(Recommended) or odin before flashing TecnoDUOS 1.5.

II. Enable A2SD :
(Don’t enable A2SD if you are a LINK2SD user !)

A2SD is disabled by default (due to it’s conflicting nature with LINK2SD),
you can enable it following the below steps.

= Open Your Terminal Emulator
= Type “su” Then Press Enter
= Type “en-a2sd” Then Press Enter
= Reboot
= A2SD Enabled


207 thoughts on “Custom ROM TechnoDUOS (BDSky 1.5) For Galaxy Y Duos GT-S6102

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    • Ok first of all no need to panic ,it happens while learning ,i’ve bricked my device twice !! , Now Make a complete wipe , do a factory reset in CWM recovery and try to flash again ,both kernal and rom ,if still problem persist feel free to ask , u can also do P.M/mail to me.

      • i was using this rom from last 3 months and was my favr8 rom for my galaxy y duos s6102. recently i found new rom and flash that rom. i had backup my previous rom (xperia for but soon after the new rom applied my phone stuck on boot animation.still i cant find the way out i tried to re apply my previous rom,again apply from backup but it now shows md5 mismatch…
        pls reply if any possible ways to get outta this….thanks in advance

    • You should do full wipe then flash , and i think you should download Xperia duos first ,make wipe and flash it, it should help ,and i don’t have this phone ,it’s with my friend ,so I’ll try to manage if possible ,mean while flash xperia .

    • No it is recommended to be on stock Rom but it’s not needed, I’m making ics themed Rom for duos and to test i just flash it after wiping system and data .download xperia duos and make wipe, flash it., still problem then say.

  3. thanks for the backup dude..u rock!!!
    1 more problem
    i flashed xperia duos rom as u told me.its working fine but there is no settings folder in the rom..i followed the installation guide correctly but still i dnt know.plz help.

      • Ok when you open backup in win zip archive , what you find? Folder structure similar to that of or you finding files filename.rfs.tar ?
        1>if its like in first case then just flash like flashing rom .
        2>if its like second case then extract backup zip in folder, place that folder in your sdcard under : clockworkmod>BACKUP> paste folder here.
        then reboot in CWM recovery select backup and restore select your folder , wait to get it finish …

  4. Hello Jinesh – I’m stuck in Samsung logo screen.

    – I rooted ok.
    – I made nandroid backup
    – I wiped user data and cache ok
    – I flashed TD 1.5 ok – booted ok
    – I copied boot.img and and flashed kernel ok

    As I reboot – I’m stuck in Samsung logo screen

    Please help!!

  5. Hey plzz help !!
    My galaxy y duos is not starting .. I click on the wrong CWM while installing ,, i clicked on galaxy y CWM then i done the other process ..and after that i start the phone but it is not starting ..will u plzz help me !!
    Can u give me all zip file & CWM on my email ??
    & tell me how to install it ..
    Plzz help yaar ..!!!!!

  6. Thnx brO !!……
    But its not showing my simcard !! & airline mode is enable atomatcly ,, when i disable it,, it will enable automtcly & when i lock the phone ..the light dosent turn off !!……
    What can i do for this problems ??

  7. Great ROM and kernel. I’ve installed (yeah, that’s the Windows in me) TD 1.5 v1525, and now cannot add ‘sound’ as a ringtone to a contact. I get the “Sorry! Please take a log” “Process android.process.acore stopped unexpectedly. Try again. Force close.” I’ve tried clearing the Contacts and Contacts Storage cache, stil no joy. I restored from nandroid to factory image and the add sound as a ringtone function works, but going back to TD 1.5 v1525 with the BDSky kernel, the aforementioned function give the error mentioned above. Not a big deal, but thought I’d mention that as a potential bug.

  8. I have tries 3 different roms including technoduos and xperia duos but when i try to install the roms it says

    E:\unmount\sdcard cant unmount sdcard

    Install from sdcard completed

    But the rom is not installed..

    Could you please help me with the issue?

  9. Works great, looking awesome… but one thing I need is to force use UMTS(3g) Network, in original firmware there is a way to set UMTS only mode. Is there any way or app to do same in your CFW ?? please help me.

  10. Tried searching each any every site available on internet but i havent got any success

    Let me list down what i did and what happened.

    What i did?

    1) Tried installing the steps mentioned at the below post
    2) Installed the ROM but as it was written “Flash ICS Kernel with CWM Recovery… No need to Flash kernel if you have already.” i didn’t flashed the kernel
    3) Rom was successfully installed and the phone was rebooted

    What happened?

    1) after the successful installation of ROM my phn rebooted and stuck at SONY logo
    2) I am not able to boot into recovery mode
    3) Flashing the kernel via fastboot shows an error “Your device must be rooted first” but my phn is already rooted
    4) I have already taken Nandroid backup of my previous ROM but nor able to restore it as i am unable to boot into recovery mode

    I also tried updating the phone software by using PC companion but it shows error phn software not available

    Let me know if you need more details for troubleshooting.

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  11. Hi, mistelky when i was installing this rom . I forgot to take backup of old (original rom). and i have formatted the rom. can you plz plz suggest me how to get it back, ( and as you given tutorial i followed but it hangs on samsung Logo) not run further..

    Please give me original rom links (thank in advance..

  12. I followed the tutorial correctly only when I install the kernel, the system does not start for more animation on the screen when the system will load what can be?
    and alias kernelflasherv2 only installed one. img not know how to use

  13. hi,
    First of all ,I would Like to congratulate you for developing such a user friendly site ,specially for beginners like me.
    I have tried all three ROMs ,and sadly I had some trouble in each 😦

    with the Xperia ,but I could not find the setting menu in it,I needed to find sim manager. to manage data service.

    Then I tried TD 1.5, I must say I loved the interface and graphics but “root browser ” kept on crashing . More over screen lock was not working and ” home” button was not responding ( the one which brings us back to the home screen from any where) I could not find the “task manager”.

    And finally I tried TD 1.0 ,Its working fine but is not as attractive as TD 1.5. I am not able to increase the RAM space ,It is already 832 Mhz. I have heard of creating a partition in sdcard and then system uses it as internal memory , how to do that ?

    I am using samsung galaxy y duos with 8 gb memory card.

    • Also in TD 1.5 ,I am getting following error
      “a2SD script does not run properly ,better do ” a2sd check ” in terminal emulator ”
      How to do that.

    • 1. for xperia i’ve updated my post and given steps for getting settings work in ROM , real all and follow carefully you’ll get it.
      2. As you are having problem in ROM follow steps given at end of 2nd fig in post your problem’ll get solved move any app to sdcard use link2sd or DroidSail from market and to use swap partition as ram :
      & hope i helped You..

  14. i insall (BDSky 1.5) For Galaxy Y Duos GT-S6102 but after 7 to 8 hours i was’nt able to receive call and when i restart my phone it was not able to start it was continousnly automatic rastarting what i should do plzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me????????????

      Incoming Call Problem Fix :
      =Wipe Data/Cache
      =Flash TechnoDUOS1.0
      =Reboot (To TechnoDUOS1.0)
      =Use TechnoDUOS1.0 for 2-3 min (Don’t install any apps)
      =Reboot (To Recovery)
      =Don’t Wipe Data/Cache
      =Flash TechnoDUOS 1.5 1502
      =Reboot (To Recovery)
      =Flash TechnoDUOS 1.5 1512
      =Reboot (To TechnoDUOS1.5)

  15. Do i have to flash Techno Duos1.0 first then flash techno DUOS 1.5 1512 or flash Techno DUOS 1.5 1512 directly??
    Thanx in advance..

      • hello.. thanx a lot for the rom..
        i am a samsung gt s 6102 user.
        but right now i am facing a problem with “root explorer” and “better terminal emulator”
        to enable app to sd, i installed another app “terminal emulator”
        once i enter the code “en-a2sd”.. it says “command not found”
        please help me asap… i am falling short of memory.. 😦

      • further when i tried opening “a2sd” directly, it says “a2sd script does not tun properly. better do ‘ a2sd check ‘ in terminal emulator! maybe your version is lower that”

  16. hi,im from slovakia i have one problem, i instaled TD,but not kernel,but its not my problem.Phone dont load my sim card.can you help my?sorry for bad english

  17. hello
    is there any way to remove those stock apps from the phone..????
    as in this ROM, i have “root explorer” and “tubemate” app which i want to uninstall.
    tubemate asks for updates and the phone doesn’t allow the old app to be replaced with new one.

      • ohhk
        i deleted tubemate apk file
        but still the app is still there installed..
        i tried repeating the steps.. but no related file found in the apps folder..
        what do i do next?
        tubemate app is anyway not working now.. it jst shows the list of videos .. if u goto play or dowbload any of them.. it says unable to play/download and asks fir updates..

  18. Hi jinesh.. I m facing problems after the root my galaxy y duos. Its not playing the sound on boot up, music player and the touch audible and I cant hear incoming caller voice through the earpiece. When I installed technoDuos bdsky 1.5 the mention problems will solve but not incoming calls to be apear. It will auto rejected. And the others party heard that the user is busy.. Kindly tell me some helpfull suggestions to get back the sounds. I wish to get back my phone as orignal.. reply fast please

  19. should i want to download these all packagers or one’tell me please
    1. TechnoDUOS1.5 (Nightly 1502) (Rom)
    2. TechnoDUOS1.5 (Nightly 1503) (UpdatePack)
    3. TechnoDUOS1.5 (Nightly 1510) (UpdatePack)
    4. TechnoDUOS1.5 (Nightly 1512) (UpdatePack+)

  20. question 1:- tell me 2 or 3 TOP ROMs for my galaxy y duos keeping in mind battery performance and UI
    question2 – i installed TD 1.0 and now if i wanna upgrade to 1.5 do i have to download TD 1.5 zip file again or there is any update file available?
    question3- tell me the best battery saver or task killer app that works and kills the background appss without even asking
    THAnks in advance 🙂

    • Answer of first : TechnoDuos kernel + xperiaduos rom, actually rom really dont matter lot , its your kernel , background app,free memory, app settings like backlight and all that matter most in battery and performance.
      second ans: yes you have to download it again !!.
      3: try advance task killer , and for info , android os itself have a task killer and memory management system , so mostly it do not need any external app for this purpouse unless you are having tons of app , you can use V6 supercharger script for memory management , i hope i helped you well .. enjoy ..:)

  21. hey i m in big trouble yaar……
    first i installed the ics rom then i wanted to restore my rom so i tried to restore it bt its nt working ……i m stuck in the galaxy y symbol…..n nw i only hv the restore file , the cwm file n the kernelv2 file in my sd card … phone is stuck…what shud i do..

  22. After installing the ROM i cant install any app. when i do the phone restarts. I start reisntalling my apps after fixing the home button/call issue. Where could the problem be?

  23. i every time keep on changing my rom frm stock to rom to other if i do so there will be any effect on my SGY dous on software and hardware????????????

    reply fast im waiting…………..

  24. I got a problem after following the instructions
    I. Home Button, Lock Screen & Incoming Call Problem Fix :

    the phone with the TecnhoDUOS 1.0 is fine but with the 1.5
    right after the sim codes, asks me for the “Network Block control key”

    Can you help me?

  25. can u give any pirated andriod 4.0 link which u find the best and easy to flash
    give a nice one so tat it do not effect my mobile

    • Pirated word is not proper as its android so all opensource..and in your phone 2.3.6 is only available , any rom displaying 4.1/4.0 is just a simple themed and customized Rom..and changing rom’ll not affect hardware of mobile..

  26. Hi all, i’ve followed the instruction perfectly,but, nothing change!! the reboots always with the original rom, can someone help me? thanks!

  27. hey man… i have tried it and frankly saying , few days back i was planning to change my duos, but, now it has changed from a lazy LAGGARD to a buttery smooth phone.

  28. xperia rom not functioning ………… no settings icon…. even phone dialler was missing…
    have… u tried it urself. i done everything as u detailed in update and after but no benefit
    sorry … unable to flash.

  29. hi friend,

    i had followed every step and installed this rom .but after rebooting my phone had struck in logo page and i am not able to enter in Boot Recovery mode also .

    pls help me.

  30. My phone is on Iduos kernel & after reflashing tecnoduos kernel it is again on Iduos Is there any difference in I duos & Technoduos Kernel. Please Reply

    • ya it’ll work on rooted device too,try this commands in adb shell :
      1: su //to get root permissions $ will get converted to #
      2: pm setInstallLocation 2 //to set external path
      3: reboot // to reboot device
      . and with TD 1.5 kernel , use LINK2SD , it can also be used.

      • well…thanks a lot.. it worked with link2sd.. didnt try the other method
        but now the problem is I moved google Maps to sd card and now it has disappeared. I tried rebooting and tried again but the maps just doesnt get downloaded. What should I do?

      • Once it got downloaded…but while installing it gave an error “Incompatible with other application(s) using the same user ID”
        Please help me asap.

  31. when i used link 2 sd and used sd space 1 gb and ram 512 mb
    now when i deleted swap file and uninstall all apps know also my sd shows total space 6 gb
    how to get default memory plzzz help

  32. i have a samsung galaxy y duos GT s6102. i want to install adobe flash player in my mobile but i am unable to do that….can any body help me pzzz.

  33. after downloading cwm …i put that file in sdcard root and then went to recovery mode and then choosed the option apply update from sd card and then it shows this error

    E: failed to mount /sdcard (No such file or directory)
    E:Can’t mount /sdcard
    Install from sdcard complete

    But i am not getting into cwm and i have rooted my phone also

  34. can i install that stock rom in my SGY dous 6102 give above plzzz tell im downloading that stock rom reply fast im waitingggggg

  35. hey…m using aroma ics fusion ….can i nw put the nandroid backup which u mentioned above in some comment…can i apply taht backup nw get my original rom back.,..?
    rply fast pllzzz….thanks in advance.. 🙂

  36. hey..I need urgent help.
    I installed Technoduos 1.5 long back…In November i think..
    but now.. Messaging app, Phone app, Call Log, Music player, Settings app are not working..
    Music player shows Error while reading my memory card.. I tried changing memory card but same problem,,,
    When I restart the phone, Google Partner Setup app crashes, then Messaging n then some other apps like Phone,
    I am not able to dial any new number neither a text message.
    Please please help me.
    I have used Link 2 sd…and moved whatsapp to sd card. Whatsapp is working all fine.

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