Turbo C compilre on Android

Have you ever wandered of compiling and running C C++ codes on an android device? it is possible but it needs lots of tedious and long process.You can achieve this by downloading a c/c++ compiles app , but you’ll have to pay for it , in addition it requires 50mb additional download and disk space.

For this problem I’ve  a simple and unique solution.Here below is a simple yet un discovered procedure, required for running c/c++ compiler on any android device ,it includes use of a DOS emulator.Yes a DoS emulator will allow you to manipulate all standard DOS commands in an Android Device and it works like a charm.For this purpose you will require ” aDOSBOX ” application to be installed in your phone , you can download it from Google Play Store or i’ve also uploaded it , so now we can move further for the simple steps for making Turbo C compiler run.This DosBox works identically as that of PC ,which we use to run Turbo C on 64 bit system and to run old DOS games.

Require downloads : aDosBox , download from Google Play or click here.


1.Copy TC (Turbo C) folder in to root of sdcard.

2. install aDosBox and open it

3. In it you’ll find something like :

Z:\mount c /sdcard
Drive C  is mounted as local directory /sdcard

it indicate that now you sdcard will act as c drive for DosBox.

4.In DosBox ,click on options and open on screen keyboard.

5.In it type :

cd tc\bin

so now bin will become your working directory.

it’ll look like..

6.Now type:


and see the magic happens.Turbo c is working in your Android tab/phone .

It is recommended to have a Hdpi scene and better to have a tablet for convenience.  You can compile and run your c-c++ program as well you can write and edit it also,touch pad works as mouse , single tap indicate left click , double tap indicates right click , and ofcourse you can change those settings in DOSBOX anytime.Its handy stuff to carry c/c++ compiler in collages for your project work , else its fun ..

You can compile and run programs in similar fashion in which u do in pc , same options just change in interface.

Thanks for reading …


38 thoughts on “Turbo C compilre on Android

    • If you are using cell phone then try lowering resolution from DosBox’s settings,if tablet then i guess u have max resolution ..
      and you can hope that standard zooming option’ll be available in DosBox application in next update !!

  1. dude … ur presentation is too good … i like it ,,,

    I’ve installed dosbox and i get the msg as u shown in 1st screenshot but the problem is when i apply command cd tc or cd tc/bin so dosbox gives me a msg like unable to change to: tc\bin. now wht to do .. ??? im using galaxy s advance & android os is 2.3.6 😦

  2. Hi !
    I got a problem please help me……
    In my samsung android phone i was not able to type ” please help i have done so many types i canged my keybord also but not worked if you have a screen shots pleaase keep

  3. Harekrishna..Thank you very much. Realy this is an amazing process and very helpful. But it is worked when I moved the TC folder to tablet internal memory . This is very nice process.

  4. I try everything bt could nt use c….. as I type cd tc\bin it shows unable to change to tc\bin…. plzzz help me… em using galaxy y duos s5302…

  5. hi
    after compiling my program it is showing error
    “unable to open include file ‘stdio.h'”
    “unable to open include file ‘conio.h'”

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