[AROMA] Custom Rom ICS Fusion v1.3 for GT-S6102

Another Custom Rom For Galaxy y Duos is available here , a Rom which is themed in ICS looks, all credit goes to senior member HellLock on xda developres.

Features :

2.A2SD+Init.d support
3.Nano text editor+Bash shell support
4.14 toggles by lidroid
5.Performance tweaks for Internet,3G etc.
6.Modded apps to look like ICS
7.Powered by Holo Launcher and Hells Fusion kernel(Lightweight version)
8.Audio files taken from ICS roms
9.Inbuilt adblocker
10.Supports all kernels from source
11.many more


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Links for ICS Fusion v1.3:CLICK HERE

1.Be on stock rom and kernel(advisable/not compulsion)
2.Wipe data and cache from cwm
3.Install ICS Fusion v1 with aroma using cwm
4.Follow instructions and choose “Install ROM”


160 thoughts on “[AROMA] Custom Rom ICS Fusion v1.3 for GT-S6102

  1. Yup Man , Nice ROm but I dont see some options ,
    Where is System Settings ?
    Where is Wifi Settings ?
    I need to edit the Ring tone s but where ?

    One more thing s I didt tooka back up of my OS so if I need to go back to my office InBox OS of my samsung galaxy Y Duo , what all things I need to do ? Please help me : Pls state a step by step detail bcoz I am a newbie. 1000 thank sin advance , Pls help.

  2. Hey everything is fine except following
    the developer of this rom has removed google maps and google search does not work even u cant install google search.
    Any help on this would be appreciated by all of us.

  3. there’ s an update for the HOLO launcher but its asking me to delete whats currently in my phone, would that be fine? can i delete it so i could update the holo using google play? sorry, noob here. thanks. . .

  4. Plss help me i cant install certain apps as the phone is rebooting during the installation.. What to do??
    Thanks in advance.. 🙂
    BTW Great ROM 😀

  5. also i cant arrange apps in menu instead its arranged in alphabetical order..
    can i use go launcher instead of halo launcher??

  6. hey now i hav installed ics fusion sucessfull and ofcource enjoying it… .
    but for info how can i revert back to gingerbread…..(cause i dont have my backup….but have a cmw backup frm my frndx galaxy y duos)(will my frnx cell backup work for my y duos)….
    pls help …. still a newbee……
    thnx in advance

  7. thanks for information
    but link2sd shows a error message it’s ” Link2sd could not obtain root access”
    what can i do for this?
    then i use droid sail but applications didn’t move 😦

  8. good rom, great job!
    but not everything has changed, some remains same as stock.
    can i get a link of cyanogenmod for my device if any.

  9. Hey the blog shows its ICS Fusion 1.3 but after downloading from the link and during installation it shows version 1.0
    Plz fix the updated link

  10. Hello, Everyone..
    I have Samsung Samsung Galaxy Y Duos S6102,

    As I downloaded ICS Fusion v1.3.zip file.

    Simply I Paste this file in my sd card.
    As u mention the INSTRUCTIONS I followed.
    But when i’m try to [apply update from sdcard]
    its showing me this message

    — Install/sdcard —
    Finding update package…
    Opening update package..
    Installing update..
    Installation aborted..

    Please help me out..



  11. Really cool ROM there. I’ve kept this for the longest time compared to other ROMs. But i have a problem.
    My play store app has crashed. will not start at all and every so often when the phone tries to do something store related i get a notificaton that the play store process has stopped unexpectedly.So now i cant update my apps or download new ones. I have to look for the apks and download them to my sd then install.

    I’m using the first release of Aroma, when i update OTA, will i lose my data or will it just update the system files and leave my data intact?

    Your help will be really appreciated.

  12. Hi, everything works fine but how do I set-up an Microsoft Echange account? In ‘Settings – Accounts & Synchronization, option Add account’ I only see Google and Samsung account as options…

  13. please help me i cant update holo launcher its saying “uninstall the previous version of the app ” lik tat plssssss plsssssss anyone help me

  14. hey i am confused between ICS rom and technoduos rom? which is the better one? I mean i like a fast working phone and good looks. Along with those, i also like new things happening in the phone. in your above comments i read that the ICS rom is nothing but a different theme to the stock rom, nothing more. is it true? and is it the same for the technoduos rom?

  15. i have installed ics in my samsung galaxy y duos.. after installing its getting rebooted for more than 2 hours.. its not getting on… wat should i do?????can u jus help me out

  16. i installed ics rom in sgy duos…..but there were few hiccups and cant keep it on for more than couple of hours…….
    A. unable to download apps from google market.
    B. used too much of ram. on installation-117mb but after few minutes of use it reaches to 140 mb that too without any app download.
    C.default Email client was not present… only gmail app present.
    D. android framework keep crashing.
    E. gapps keep crashing.
    defeating basic purpose of removing stock rom.
    i dont want to undermine any developer…… i know their goes a lot of hard work and efforts in it and i appreaciate that.
    I REQUEST jinesh to correct me if iam wrong…. bcoz their may b some mistake on my part while installing.

    • crash problem can be fixed ,with clean install and technoduos kernel , and other issue may be present , thats part of rom , u can hope for future update to resolve such issue , and all have their own opinion . devs work hard for this .but users are free to select any as per their convince , and ya TD 1.5 is a good choice , no doubt ,good luck.

  17. Guyies the rom is just awsm,,runs well on galaxy Y duos…but after u aplly update mobile wont switch on…take the battery out reinsert it den on the cell in recovery mode den delete cache partituion nd wipe user data den reboot,,,,den it will work well….thnx to developer 4 the rom 🙂

  18. The ROM is very nice ! I’m loving it ! Just a problem! The contacts are not saving in it ! And it is also not showing the old contacts which I have in my sim card. Any idea why n how can I cure it ! Plz reply soon!

  19. sir i have to root my galaxy y duos gts6102 plz guide me how to do.it and is there need to backup my contacts and all stuf and if yes then how to do so and one more query plz.guide how can i use cdma sim in my this mobile plz reply soon

  20. Hey I have been trying to install google maps on my y duos where I have flashed Techno duos 1.5 rom but it says that its incompatible with other apps. What should I do? I need google maps… 😦

  21. absolutely fantastic rom.
    Just one question, the android version is shown as 4.0.4 but the easter egg still shows the ginger bread version, may i ask why is this so?

  22. I am installing custom rom for the first time.

    Can u provide a step to step guide on how to make a backup of original rom and how to install this ics custom rom…??

  23. I am installing custom rom for the first time.

    Can u provide a step to step guide on how to make a backup of original rom and how to install this ics custom rom…??
    Plz help…

  24. its really nice themes …. can i download arabic language pake? please help me with that and also how to remove the lock and set it to defualt cause when i change the lock screen the phone is been restarted ….

  25. I updated my phone it shows Android 4.0 but I can’t run applications of android 4.0 like let’s! create a pottery, tempal run ,mozila etc
    please help me

  26. Well i thought it might be like Jellybean Ics ROM. but its a bit like holo launcher. . Jellybean ICS rom have great features. i hope soon i’ll get a jellybean for 6102. 🙂 anyways . Its also cool 😉

  27. Mr. I like ur rom.
    I want to know whether U have play store and facebook and whether u can install apps hassle free.(without problems) I am new to custom roms thats why.
    I appreciate your work
    Thank U

    • Hi…i m a galaxy y duos lite(pocket duos-gt s5302) user, i rooted my phone sucessfully and gone through many root checks, everything s ok but when i downloaded and installed “Gt s5302 Ics opensource.zip” it showing ‘installation aborted’ and i wiped dalvik cache, factory reset & everything..but nothing worked.i re-rooted my phone also…pls help me…

  28. Dear Dec really a NYC I juzz installed it n njoyin. I have sum queries I’m not able to enable wcdma mode how to do pls tell n can I play games supports by pics lyk temple run NW in my y duos…… awaiting for ur reply….. n thanks n thumbs for such a NYC thm

  29. dear dev thnks a lot for such a nyc rom…. instlld in my y duos ystaday really vry nyc rom really commendabl….. dev i hav a querry regdin rom how can i enable wcdma only mode s i used to do in my stock rom…. i searched but m not gettin the setting s my ntwrk optr has sum issues sum tyms it doesnt switches to 3g automatically so i hav to forcefully do the settings…… pls do help n rply…. i hav anothr querry toooo cant i install ics apps in this rom n f not how can i do this pls help n rply….. 1000 thnxs in advance….. n thnxs again for such a nyc n eye pleasing rommmm!!!!

  30. I have installed it successfully but after reboot … it just keeps on showing some graphics… Please advice what to do…..

  31. it is very nice and well coocked the only thing that I missed the arabic laguage and the file downloaded from the link you put is not working. is there any other arabic language backage?

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