Install Linux Ubuntu on any Android phone

For those of you who want to install Ubuntu on your Android smartphone or
tablet device, here’s our universal guide on how to do it.
This guide should work on most “rooted” Android smartphones/tablets with
no further modification.Ofcourse its just for Fun..

File is  chrooted, so no need to worry about loss of information on your device.( don’t have to worry about this term)

[Tested on ArmV7 devices- Working]

[Have to test on ArmV6 Devices, worked with LG GT540]

Guide is with the easiest way!


1.Rooted android with BusyBox install  [ if not installed , see step to install ]
2. Ubuntu files
3. Terminal Emulator
4. Android VNC (or any VNC- from play store)
5. Atleast 3.5 GB of free space in SD Card.


Now time to install busybox.  Once again, if you know you already have busybox installed skip this step.

Now type following in Terminal Emultor

cd /sdcard/ubuntu

(if it says already exist, then that’s fine)


1. Download the files from below torrent link
2. Then make a folder named Ubuntu on your SD card and transfer them
3. Finally open up termial emulator and type .

cd sdcard/ubuntu

4.Now Type

apt-get install tightvncserver
export USER=root
vncserver –geometry 1280x800

5. (ignore the warning) Then go and open up Android VNC.
6. Enter the feilds as following: *Address*: localhost ((or keep empty,
it may work better for some that way))
*Password*: ubuntu
*Port*: 5900
B PP 24

You’re all set!!

Then click connect and it’s there.  Boom!!!!


Link 1  (Torrent Link)

Link 2


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