Beats Audio Mod For Any Android (2.3 + up )

What Exactly is Beats Audio?

Beats Audio is simply that equalizer setting paired with handling the wiring and organization of components in a way that fixes an oversight .Or more simply, Beats Audio makes your  sound much more better.

As for how HTC implements Beats Audio in their phones and tablets, it’s probably safe to assume it’s a similar mixture of equalizer and insulation. HTC has released a number of phones sporting “Beats Audio”, a branded equalizer that boosts the bass, among other things. XDA modders RockoDev has turned this into a flashable ZIP file that works on any phone running  Gingerbread-based ROM or higher.

More about beats audio here

Here is presented two methods for installing BeatsAudio in your device.
Tested and working on many many devices [not all]

Give it a try on YOUR OWN RISK.


1.A rooted android phone [2.3 + up only] with working recovery
2.BeatsAudio zip
3.Root explorer
4.1 min of time

Method 1.

[More Reliable than 2nd method] zip given below
2.unzip using root explorer
3.multi select files
4.go into system and paste were they exp system/bin-system/etc-system/libs
5.reboot phone fix permission in recovery
(Dont Forget to mount both folder R/W IN ROOT EXPLORER)

Method 2.

[More simpler but may not work properly]

1.Download installer app /  can find on play store too now.
2.install and follow it
3.DONE !


ZIP FILE [ for method 1 ] : here
EASY APP [ for method 2 ] : here
Alternate PLAY STORE APP [ for method 2 ]: here


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