M.I.U.I Duos For Samsung Galaxy Y Duos GT-S6102

Miui is a wonderful rom,by all accounts.And now  available for samsung galaxy y duos !!! Thanks to a xds dev mrappbrain for developing wonderful rom,original thread here.



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  • MIUI Home
  • MIUI Gallery
  • MIUI Camera
  • MIUI Internet Browser
  • MIUI Sound Recorder
  • MIUI Notes
  • MIUI Control Panel
  • MIUI Widgets
  • MIUI Lockscreen
  • MIUI Music
  • MIUI File Explorer
  • MIUI Ringtones
  • MIUI Wallpapers
  • Sexy Bootanimation
  • Init.d support
  • Worldwide Navigation Support
  • Zipaligned
  • Deodexed
  • Adrenaline Engine!
  • Beats Audio
  • Pre-Rooted
  • Net Speed Tweaks
  • Wifi Coverage Incease
  • Touch Sensitivity Increase
  • Back and Menu Buttons Sensitivity Increase
  • Dalvik Cache Tweaks
  • Battery Life Optimization
  • Audio And Video Tweaks
  • 3G Speed Tweaks
  • Fully featured Busybox
  • Sqlite
  • DeBloatwared
  • Useful Apps Added
  • Ram Optimization
  • Regular Updates
  • Stable and Fast

Features To Come

  1. 14 statusbar toggles(Done)
  2. Swipe to remove notifications
  3. Replace beats audio with mega beats bass
  4. Bravia Engine
  5. Icon changer
  6. Miui phone(Done)
  7. Miui contacts(Done)
  8. Miui settings
  9. FOTA Updater(Done)

(UPDATE)MIUI Duos v.1.8.0

MIUI Duos Status Bar Bugfix

Flashing Guide
1.Download the rom and place it in the root of sdcard
2. Click here to download CWM for our device,if you have it ,skip to step 4.
3 Put CWM-6102.zip in your sdcard root
4 Reboot to recovery using 3 button combo (Home Key+Volume Up Key + Power Key)
5. Select update from sdcard
6. Chose the CWM-6102.zip
7.CWM hould now appear
8.Wipe Data/Factory Reset
9.Select Apply update from sdcard
10.Select MIUI Duos.zip
11.Flashing should begin and complete successfully


42 thoughts on “M.I.U.I Duos For Samsung Galaxy Y Duos GT-S6102

  1. thank u v.much for this rom sir 😀 ….. now downloading… i’ll let you now if every thing works fine…. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK …

  2. nice room but I lose data connection after instaling
    then I try reinstaling room,patch and connection seting manualy
    also wait up to 6 hours but the connection did not come
    then I return the room earlier and got data connection back

  3. Why do icons text overlapping each other. Is there any fix for this please.

    Same problem was with aroma ics rom for galaxy y duos.

  4. i think u personaly not used this rom coz all gps apps are not working and camera is also not proper fix it and launguage is also in chinese

    • Turn off buletooth,wifi,gps when not needed , if possible turn off datausage at night , lower your brightness , check battery stats and monitor apps using more battery , either remove it or use task killer to kill it on regular bases,

  5. does not work sadly 😦 really wanted a MUI custom rom on my old galaxy y dos. Installed over hells kernel with ics fusion, phone seems to boot but all I got is a black screen in the end, tried to erase data or reset to factory form recovery but got nothing than the same black screen in the end.
    I installed over stock but it’s stuck at first boot screen. After installing 1.5 with or without the update can not boot in recovery, phone is stuck at first boot screen and needs to be flashed with odin in order to recover.
    Please advice. 10x

  6. Gracias por el aporte. Tengo unas dudas la primera si esta room 1.8 es una actualizaciòn de la primera, es decir debo instalar la primera version y las siguientes para finalmente instalar la 1.8 ? o todas son independientes? Otra pregunta los dos archivos la room 1.8 y el parche hay que instalarlos al mismo tiempo en sd card o uno x uno segun el proceso? Es una room de las españolas o ya ha sido modificada para los usuarios? finalmente mi telefono es un 6102B duos serà estable o no hay garantìas del programa. Gracias de antemano por la respuesta y disculpas pero soy novato en android.

      • I´ll try to translate.

        Thank you for the post. i have some doubts, first, is this rom 1.8 and update fromth previous, I mean shall I install the previous first and upgrade or can I install it directly? Second, Shall I write both rom and patch to the SD card at once or one by one? is this a spanish rom or has it been modified for users? (???just translating???) And finally, my phone is a 6102B, will it be stable? or aren´t there guaraties that it´ll work?
        Thanks in advanced for your answer and sorry but I´m new in android.

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