V6 Supercharger script A Better RAM Management For All Android

V6 Super Charger is a memory management system that is the only complete memory fixer for android smartphones. It claims to be the only one of its kind, so it’s worth giving attention. That’s the reason I wrote this article so that those who are suffering from slow system, low ram memory problem and having lags while playing games or using other apps can give it a try. I am using this tweak from long period on my gt540  ,its running great.


SomeThing About RAM :

Important Note: FREE RAM IS NOT WASTED! – Read Linux Memory Consumption
…………………. That article TOTALLY confirms what been saying!



1. Rooted Android Device. Milestoners, you can use Universal Androot (not in market ?)

2. Script Manager  (RECOMMENDED)or Terminal Emulator to run the script. Stock ROMs can also use SM to load up boot scripts!

3. Busybox v1.16.2 OR ABOVE. You can use any of the ones attached to this post which contain a Feature Rich busybox v1.19.4 by wraithdu (CWM flashable.zip, “Normal” Installation script by me and one which reinstalls BusyBox on EACH boot by me.)


Grab the SuperCharger Starter Kit and have busybox plus other tools (fixed su binary, zipalign binary and sqlite3 binary) installed instantly!

BusyBox WARNING: Some versions are “minimal” with many missing applets and functions!  v1.18.3, v1.18.4 and 1.185 VERY much a hassle with errors that should NOT be errors! Avoid any such versions! Minimal is BAD!

4. Optional: AutoStart Script – Enables Stock ROMS (Milestone + a few other devices) to utilize etc/init.d for boot scripts.


1. Download the attached V6_SuperCharger_for_Android*.txt/pdf script and save to your sdcard.
Do NOT run the V6 SuperCharger install script at boot!

2. Run the script:
A) Load the script (V6_SuperCharger_for_Android*.txt/pdf) into Script Manager and select “Run as Root” (skull and crossbones “Su” icon – it turns green when selected)


B) Run Terminal Emulator and simply type: su and enter, sh /sdcard/V6* and enter (provided you saved the script to the root of your sdcard)


C) via ADB on your computer. In a console, type: adb shell and enter, su and enter, sh /sdcard/V6* and enter (provided you saved the script to the root of your sdcard)

3. Get SuperCharged! Just pick an option! The extra options (Engine Flush, etc.) explain things before doing anything

4. READ the script’s output!

5. Afterwards, READ the html HELP FILE in the root of your SD Card!

6. Non-ICS/JB ROMS – Disable “Lock Home in Memory” if your ROM has this option. (This takes effect immediately.)

7. Optional: For a quick status check, you can put a Script Manager widget for V6 SuperCharger on you desktop

8. Reboot – required if it’s your first time SuperCharging the rom.

9. Check if it works – After reboot, run the V6_SuperCharger script and check the info under the menu.

If you are using compcache and have lag or slow down after SuperCharging,
DISABLE compache, wipe caches and re-enable it.
Non-ICS/JB ROMS – Be sure to uncheck/disable lock home in memory!

Note: V6_SuperCharger-AOR.zip is for use with Milestone’s Androidiani OpenRecovery. Even if you have a Milestone, don’t run it within Android.
…….. AOR Usage: Extract to the root of your sdcard (Directory structure is in the zip)
………You will now have a SuperCharger Menu on the main screen. Simply select the menu and select 1 of the 12 options.


– CUST-OOMIZER! Use your settings without Autokiller Memory Optimizer or Auto Memory Manager!

– Use the 3rd slot to set how much free ram you want.

– If you have a viable init.XXX.rc file, it makes a backup and edits that single file. This is nice and tidy.
… Thank to kabaldan for pointing out the importance of certain things.

– Most Custom ROMs – If you have a /system/etc/init.d folder, it creates 99SuperCharger in there and edits your choice of either /data/local.prop or /system/build.prop (18 entries added for adjusting priorities and groupings). You shouldn’t need to configure anything else.
– If the minfree levels do not stick on your Custom ROM:
…….. Check /data/Ran_Supercharger to see if it ran… (Update 9 RC*)
…….. If this happens to you, use Script Manager to load /system/etc/init.d/99SuperCharger “on boot” and “run as root”

Stock ROMs – It also creates /data/99SuperCharger.sh which you can load up on boot (run as root) with Script Manager. The OOM groupings work as well since it happens on boot in local.prop or build.prop

Help File!

-=The V6 SuperCharger=- created by zeppelinrox.

Stock ROMs: After running the script, have Script Manager load the newly created /data/99SuperCharger.sh on boot
In the “Config” settings, be sure that “Browse as Root” is enabled.
Press the menu key and then Browser. Navigate up to the root, then click on the “data” folder.
Click on 99SuperCharger.sh and select “Script” from the “Open As” menu.
In the properties dialogue box, check “Run as root” (SuperUser) and “Run at boot” and “Save”.
And that’s it!
Script Manager will load your most recent settings on boot!
If you run the script later and with different settings, you don’t have to reconfigure anything.
Script Manager will just load the new /data/99SuperCharger.sh on boot automagically ;^]

Custom ROMs: If you have a custom rom that loads /system/etc/init.d boot scripts,
You DON’T need to use Script Manager to load a boot script. It will all be automatic!
Also, if you can run boot scripts from the /system/etc/init.d folder, there are other options.
For example you can use an app like Terminal Emulator to run the script.
NON-ICS ROMS: If your ROM has the option, DISABLE “Lock Home In Memory. This takes effect immediately.
Alternately, if you need to free up extra ram, you can use “Lock Home in Memory” as a “Saftey Lock”.
ie. Use it to toggle your launcher from “Bulletproof” (0) or Hard To Kill (1) to “Weak” (2) in the event that you want to make the launcher an easy kill and free up extra RAM

If Settings Don’t Stick: If you have Auto Memory Manager, DISABLE SuperUser permissions and if you have AutoKiller Memory Optimizer, DISABLE the apply settings at boot option!
Also, if you have a Custom ROM, there might be something in the init.d folder that interferes with priorities and minfrees.
If you can’t find the problem, a quick fix is to have Script Manager run /system/etc/init.d/*99SuperCharger “at boot” and “as root.”

Another option is to make a Script Manager widget for /system/etc/init.d/*99SuperCharger or /data/99SuperCharger.sh on your homescreen and simply launch it after each reboot.



After install and  restart, Open Script Manager and:

1. Go to /system/etc/init.d
2. Tap on S99SuperCharger and set the following properties:

  • Favorites (Star Icon)
  • Root (Green Android Skull Icon)
  • Start on Boot (Gear Icon)

3. Tap on Save
4. Close Script Manager and Restart your phone

If you don’t follow step 9, you will get an error the next time you run the script and it will show you owner’s handbook on your default web browser.

File Type: zip V6_SuperCharger-AOR.zip –  (5.8 KBs)
File Type: txt V6_SuperCharger_for_Android-update7.sh.txt –  (40.6 KB)
File Type: txt V6_SuperCharger_for_Android-update8.sh.txt –  (41.0 KB)
File Type: zip busybox_v1.19.4-wraithdu-CWM_flashable_install.zip – (1.30 MB)
File Type: zip busybox_v1.19.4_wraithdu–installer_script_v14.zip – (1.07 MB)
File Type: zip busybox_v1.19.4_wraithdu–boot_reinstaller_script_v14–installs_every_boot.zip –  (1.07 MB)

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