Placebo Camera – Master Art for Face Recognition

Now get rid of problems of manually creating the folder for each and every person in the gallery. Get the photographs to be arranged automatically in their respective person’s name folder. Placebo Camera aims to make your photographic equipment more intelligent by bringing up such a new technology.

We have tried our best to demonstrate an easy way of Face recognition System on Android without any use of additional library downloads.

It consists of:

  • Camera with Photography functionalists.
  • Face Detection (Beta).
  • Face Recognition (Beta).
  • Face Sorting.

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Thereby creating folders of the people individually with their own collection of photographs.

The main aim of this application is to demonstrate:
Live Face Detection and Face Recognition System using Java CV

NOTE: App is in beta stage, working on all platform is not supportive, and Suggestions are kindly Welcome.



  • Once the camera is focused on any human, the faces will be detected and recognized, if found unknown then will be captured and tagged a name for identification and hence camera will be trained for that face. (Now re open application after closing it).
  • Now whenever the camera will be focused on the same person, again it will try to recognize the face of the person by matching with the faces stored in the database and will show the name of faces whose features matches maximum, thereby will show the names previously tagged and stored in the database. A name will appear on the live detected and recognized face. Thus this is a live face recognition.
  • Now when the photograph is captured during live face recognition and if the name appears, then a folder is automatically created with the name of the face recognized in the placebo folder in the memory storage of the device .The captured photograph will get directly stored in that face named folder. Hence individual folders of the particular recognized people will be created automatically storing his/her photographs separately whenever captured again.

Placebo Camera builds a Live Face Detection and Face Recognition System.


Open Computer Vision library is a free graphic library developed by Intel in C.
OpenCV has a huge community because this library is used by individuals and business. It
permits to make really difficult calculations on pictures and video streams. It is a library that
contains a whole bunch of useful functions that are needed for doing any kind of image
processing. It has a Java wrapper as well, called as JavaCV (Java Computer Vision), which internally makes native system calls to the OpenCV C++ library. Unlike other open source project, this one works out of the box. No messing around with libraries, OS-dependent settings and much more.

JavaCV offers a good face detection and recognition module. It contains algorithms which
can be used to perform some cool stuff.

Java CV provides three methods of face recognition: Eigen faces, Fisher faces and Local Binary Patterns Histograms (LBPH).

Details on face detection will be discussed in next post.


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