Regain Facebook Chat on Android

     Facebook is the undisputed king of the social sites (with others such as Google + gaining popularity… and fast). Because of this status, they can pretty much do anything and everything they please with their platform, and users are to either take it or leave it. One of Facebook’s latest moves, which royally annoyed a lot of people, was that they killed off chat functionality in their Android app. As an alternative, Facebook released what we know today as Facebook Messenger, which as its name rightfully implies, takes the place of the aging Facebook app feature. This change came coupled with a lot of talk and conspiratorial theories which pointed at Facebook essentially snooping on your every move because of camera and microphone permissions (after all, it isn’t like those permissions are needed to attach pictures or send audio, right?). After a few official statements, all seems well in Facebook land. However, what about the fact that you now have yet another app (and not a tiny one) on your device? It is like the Facebook app had an offspring and decided to unload part of its functionality to it. For those who still miss having one app to do it all, XDA Senior Member AntaresOne has created a simple, yet effective solution.

Facebook Chat Re-Enabler

This simple app to enable chat again in main Facebook app without installing Messenger.

Root isn’t needed and works between Android 2.3 and latest 5.0, on any device that supports Facebook app.

Disadvantages of Facebook+Messenger installed at same time: HUGE battery drain and RAM consumption, device may slow down etc. (especially low-end devices)

Advantages of Facebook Chat Enabler: It’s only an enabler and is never executed by the system, meaning no battery drain/RAM consumption/resource eating at all. (Facebook app itself drains battery)

If you have Messenger installed, uninstall it before installing apk. After installation you don’t need to do anything else, no icon is showed in menu and chat will magically work!

Confirmed working on following Facebook versions:

  • version before
  • (latest Play Store version)
  • (latest Beta version)
  • (latest Alpha version)

New updates in future may break this (and to use again Chat Enabler you’ll have to install last confirmed working version)

You can download it here:


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