Increase Available RAM in Android [ Part-2 | without swapper ! ]

One of the worst things on certain budget-friendly smartphones is not having quite enough RAM. This normally isn’t a big deal for many users who use their phone for the practical purposes of calling people, sending texts, and checking email. However for people who do a lot more with their devices such as gaming and heavy app usage, the shortage of RAM may be a bit more limiting. Running out of RAM can cause a lot of problems such as app crashes and large-scale lag.

This Mod is basically an .sh script that enables swapping. This makes device use part of sdcard to use it as RAM memory, so it can be increased a lot…
The only requirement is have root, use relatively fast sdcard and have enabled init.d scripts..
I always have used this mod on my phone so i think it no needs testing

What you need:

  • A rooted phone (of course )
  • A kernel that supports swapfiles.
  • A busybox that provides the following applets: nohup, basename, dirname, renice.
  • A working init.d infrastructure
  • Terminal Emulator to check free ram.


What to do:

  • Download Swap Script from below.
  • Go to ES-Explorer/Any Root Explorer settings/Root settings/check (root explorer ,up to root and mount file as writable).
  • Copy the script    98swap_cache_v300   to   /system/etc/init.d
  • Don’t reboot!
  • Open a terminal session and get superuser rights with the command: su
  • Command:
     cd /system/etc/init.d     (now you are in the init.d folder, where the script is)
  • Command:
    chmod 775 98swap_cache_v300    (now the script has execution rights)
  • Reboot
  • To check working of swap run following in terminal.
  • Type
  • Then cat /proc/swaps
  • For free memory/swap space
  • Type
    free -m
  • U will get free memory of both ram & swap.

Available Scripts:

There are few scripts available for you depending on where you want to make swap file in data or cache or system partition.


You can always change the size of swap / Min free values / Swapiness you want by editing file,

# the requested swap file size in MB

# min. free memory; below that value of free memory, the swap file will be resized -very nice for data partition,where 150MB min. is required

# minimum size of the swap file if size is lower, the swap will not be created

# may be changed but not necessary


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