BeautySense v1.0 [HTC-interface] for Galaxy Y


+ Stable, Fast, Rock Solid
+ HTC styled 14 toggles
+ Various Tweaks Buid.prop
+ Deodexed
+ Zipalign
+ Rooted
+ BusyBox
+ Bash Shell Support
+ BusyBox run-parts support
+ Comes with Stock-like kernel with init.d support
+ Full Support for init.d scripts
+ Compatible with Merruk’s Kernels
+ Superuser Access; Busybox Support
+ ICS keyboard
+ Asop lock screen (default)
+ HTC styled settings
+ HTC styled dialer
+ HTC styled caller + img + bg
+ HTC styled laucher
+ Beats + themed music player
+ Bass / Treble Enhanced Sound
+ 14 Toggles by lidroid rom
+ Swipe to Remove Implementation
+ New Google Play Store; Google Search Updates
+ Full Bravia Engine Port; Fix xLOUD; Beats Integration
+ UI optimized; New Lockscreen by lockbot
+ Important Addon + Apps (see more inside!)

Download link:


(If you don’t know Root & CWM click here )
– Download the zip file
– Boot into Recovery
– Wipe data / factory reset
– Wipe cache partition
– Apply update from sdcard
– Install Htc sense
– Reboot

[ CUSTOM ROM – KERNEL] JELLYBLAST V3.0.2 for Galaxy Y GT-S5360

A Custom rom for galaxy y Gt-S5360 , a well designed and fully functioning Rom , best from customization point of view, theming and additional add ons also available with it,this rom is developed by xda developer Avijit Gosh .


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Features :

  • Based on DDLF1, but compatible with any version!
  • Totally Dark Jelly Bean themed.
  • Each and every icon fine tuned to look like Jelly Bean.
  • A new Jelly Bean task manager ( Recent apps list).
  • Added Swipe to clear notifications on Status Bar.
  • ROBOTO as system font.
  • A new, AWESOME JELLYBEAN status bar and notification panel.
  • New music app based on stock Touchwiz, but contains DSP equalizer support.
  • NEW LOCKSCREENS- Never miss a chance to show off your cool lockscreen.
  • OTA FEATURE added. Now users can automatically update the ROM from OTA upgrades, in the settings menu.
  • A TOTALLY REVAMPED SETTINGS MENU ,With the following new controls : Statusbar Control, Lockscreen Control, Sound Effect Control, and Quick Toggles Control…finally, your phone is truly yours!
  • New Jelly Bean Digital Clock, analogue clock, and Jelly Bean Search Bar.
  • New smarter JellyBean keyboard.
  • Extented power menu: Now those long processes are long no more!
  • Zero delay root access…try and see!
  • NEW KURO KERNEL, be it more power for gaming, or power saving mode for Deep Sleep, Kuro kernel takes care of your batteries in the best possible way.
  • Battery life megaboosted, last upto 2 days in power saving mode!
  • CPU control feature added….high performance or underclock…choice is yours!
  • CRT animation added in Lockscreen, and other Superfast Jellybean animations!!!! Set animation speed to fast under “Lock screen and Other Settings” and see the increase in speed! Go zoom zoom zoom!!!
  • Kernel is suitable for everyone: default settings (conservative + sio ) is battery saving, while bcm + cfq settings give power boost: Antutu score 2000+ without any extra tweaks!
  • Improved memory management.
  • Two awesome launcher choices: You get both HOLO LAUNCHER, and the STOCK Touchwiz launcher, which is Jelly Bean themed.
  • ICS themed Swype keyboard. (look under Troubleshooting to download)
  • Full Screen Caller Mode: Now see your friends in FULLSCREEN while calling them.
  • SONY BRAVIA ENGINE added…your pictures are clearer than before!!
  • MULTILANGUAGE: Cestina , Dansk, German, Dutch, English ( US, UK) , Spanish, Estonian, French, Gaeliege, Hravatski, Islenska, Italiano, Kazakh, Latviesu, Lietuviu, Macedonian, Magyar, Nederlands, Norsk, Polski, Portuguese, Ronan , Slovencina, Srpski, Suomi, Svenska, Turkish, Thai, Greek, Chinese, Russian, Hebrew. For Arabic support, look in the “JellyBlast addons” section below. You can use the 13th Sept link.
  • Net speed tweaks: Increase your net speed.
  • Superfast Chrome browser included.
  • New superb bootanimation.
  • More cool addons available under “Jellyblast Addons” below!
  • Enjoy!!!!

Installation Guide:

  • Root your phone. If already rooted, proceed to the next step.(How to root or unroot Galaxy Y-click here)
  • Make sure that you’re on Stock kernel. Stock = Factory version ( The kernel that came while buying the phone). If you haven’t changed kernel, ignore this warning.
  • Remove a2sd or data2sd and format your 2nd partition if you have it.
  • Place the above file to your sd card (NOT IN ANY FOLDER!!!)
  • Switch off your phone.
  • Go to Clockwork mode. If you don’t know what is CWM, click here. This is important, because CWM is necessary, or you won’t be able to boot up with the new Kernel. Use the CWM I have given above, for best results.
  • Use the volume keys to move up and down.
  • Wipe data and cache and Dalvik cache.
  • Now choose: Install zip from sd card.
  • Choose “yes”
  • It will be Installed. Now reboot your phone. First boot will take time. Be patient.
  • If you have followed EVERYTHING above carefully, you will soon boot up to your new rom.
  • Please wait until media scanning is completed.





Jelly blast addons for jellyblast V3.0.2 Rom from the developer..

1. ICS/JELLY BEAN soft buttons:


Flash: and:

Open the “Virtual” app in app drawer and do the following,
Give root permission,
1. Service Enable: on
2. Chose number of buttons: 5
3. Customize Button action: select BACK – lockscreen – HOME – lockscreen – MENU and OK
4. Lockscreen: off
5. Lock animation: off
6. Button Position on screen: Bottom
7. Orientation:. Horizontal
8. Invert Expand: off
9. Separate portrait: off
10. Button Colour: (your wish)
11. Button size: LARGE/Medium
12. Pullout button size: skip
13. Button opacity: skip
14. Pullot button opacity: skip
15. Remove pullout button: On
16. Vibration duration select: Off
17. Use proximity sensor: On (the sensor that was in addition to front speaker, beside logo SAMSUNG)
18. Dismiss on keypress: Off,. Done

Whenever you need the buttons,just wave your fingers over the sensors to summon them. When you’re done, simply wave your finger over them and they will disappear!!! Magic? No?

Thanks to Somkll and Evanlocked..


Flash this to get Arabic support:

Flash this Jelly Bean Sounds (link) and get the original Jelly Bean and CM7 notifications, UI sounds, and tons of original ringtones!!! Enjoy!!!



Flash to get a beautiful ICS theme, complete with the Status Bar.

2. Holo themes: light and dark.

Click here for Light and Dark HOLO themes by Marinalin85:

Holo Light and Dark Themes

3. Galaxy S3 Theme:

Flash these zips via CWM:
Galaxy S3 Icon pack by ElitSamsung. by me.

4. Nokia n8 ( Belle/Meego) Theme:

Flash this zip by pawanyadav:

5. Stock theme (Samsung touchwiz):

Get the stock icons by flashing this zip by Ronnieryan.
Get the stock like touchwiz status bar by flashing this zip.


How To Root And Use CWM for Galaxy Y Gt-S5360

Root Access For Your Galaxy Y GT-S5360

How To :
1. Download & copy the below attached “” to the root of your sdcard.
2. Turn off phone.
3. Press & hold (Power + Volume Up + Home) keys & release when sgy logo appears.
4. You will be in recovery, select “select from sdcard”.

Remember in recovery touchscreen will not work use volume up down & home keys.

5. Select “”.
6. Yes
7. Done

UPDATE.ZIP: Click Here

ClockWorkMod Recovery (CWM) For Your Galaxy Y

Go to stock recovery and flash this :
or this:
Now you are in CWM mode. Now, in this mode, install the zip file you want…
Repeat this process every time you want to flash a file in cwm.


Switch off your phone. Now press Power button + Home button + Volume Up button until you see the Galaxy Y logo.
Next, choose update zip from SD card and choose the CWM zip file you have downloaded above and kept in your SD card ( not in any folder).
Choose the
Now you are in CWM mode.

Remember: following procedure is applicable for this model only(GT-S5360),may not work for other and I'm not responsible if u brick your phone or if something goes wrong.