Increase Available RAM in Android [ Part-2 | without swapper ! ]

One of the worst things on certain budget-friendly smartphones is not having quite enough RAM. This normally isn’t a big deal for many users who use their phone for the practical purposes of calling people, sending texts, and checking email. However for people who do a lot more with their devices such as gaming and heavy app usage, the shortage of RAM may be a bit more limiting. Running out of RAM can cause a lot of problems such as app crashes and large-scale lag.

This Mod is basically an .sh script that enables swapping. This makes device use part of sdcard to use it as RAM memory, so it can be increased a lot…
The only requirement is have root, use relatively fast sdcard and have enabled init.d scripts..
I always have used this mod on my phone so i think it no needs testing

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Facebook Lite – A faster way to access facebook

Facebook has finally addressed the extremely frustrating and annoying issues faced while surfing the social network app on mobile devices which have a lower internet connectivity bandwidth.

The social network giant has secretly launched a new Android app named Facebook Lite which is practically a lighter and faster version of its existing Facebook application.

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WhatsApp Comes To The Desktop

You can now use WhatsApp straight from your Desktop! WhatsApp recently launched it’s desktop version.It’s a web app rather than a native client — and for now, it seems to be compatible only with Google Chrome. It is simply an extension of your phone: the web browser mirrors conversations and messages from your mobile device — this means all of your messages still live on your phone.whatsapp

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Regain Facebook Chat on Android

     Facebook is the undisputed king of the social sites (with others such as Google + gaining popularity… and fast). Because of this status, they can pretty much do anything and everything they please with their platform, and users are to either take it or leave it. One of Facebook’s latest moves, which royally annoyed a lot of people, was that they killed off chat functionality in their Android app. As an alternative, Continue reading

Placebo Camera – Master Art for Face Recognition

Now get rid of problems of manually creating the folder for each and every person in the gallery. Get the photographs to be arranged automatically in their respective person’s name folder. Placebo Camera aims to make your photographic equipment more intelligent by bringing up such a new technology.

We have tried our best to demonstrate an easy way of Face recognition System on Android without any use of additional library downloads.

It consists of:

  • Camera with Photography functionalists.
  • Face Detection (Beta).
  • Face Recognition (Beta).
  • Face Sorting.

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