Run Turbo C/C++ in a 32 and 64 bit Windows System in Full screen mode using DosBox

Turbo c/c++ compiler is the most basic programming component required for any engineer ,student or any person afflicted. Users having windows  7 operating system are not able to access turbo c/c++ compiler in Full screen mode, you have to work in a tiny screen as windows NT 6.0 or higher doesn’t support full screen mod of 16 bit programs and turbo c/c+ is 16 bit program.

So i’m having a solution for it in the form of DosBox.Now you must be thinking what is DosBox??? Technically DosBox is a DOS-emulator that uses the SDL-library which makes DOSBox very easy to port to different platforms. DOSBox has already been ported to many different platforms, such as Windows, BeOS, Linux, MacOS X…Or in simple terms DosBox is a DOS-emulator, which will help you to run old 16-bit DOS programs or game in 32/64 bit operating systems environment. So using dos box you can easily run your Turbo C/C++ compiler in windows 7, no matter 32 bit or 64 bit.Using DOS BOX you also can play your favorite Old DOS games.

Here is simple procedure to run Turbo c compiler on windows 7 system.

1.install DosBox from Here  ,select windows 32 bit version ,even for 64 bit system.

2.Open Dos box and you will find two windows , from that one will be working window of DOS BOX where you can write your DOS commands.

3.Now you need to mount your c drive and have to setup a working folder in it,that working folder will act as a root folder in emulator’s c drive.
so create new folder in c drive, name it as ” dosbox “

4.copy your TC [TurboC/C++ compiler’s ]  folder in dosbox folder

for mounting dosbox folder in c drive as root directory type :

mount c c:\dosbox  

hit enter ,then you will find something like this

now type :


hit enter ,then you will find something like this

5.Now DosBox folder is your root directory in DOS emulator ,so type:

cd tc\bin

hit enter ,then you will find something like this

6.Now simply type tc ,and hit enter ,your compiler’s screen should get open now..

7.Hit  ALT + ENTER to get it work in Full Screen mode,,

That’s it you are done !!!


(1)Don’t use CTRL+F9 to run file directly in Turbo C compiler as CTRL+F9 in close command for DOSBOX so instead of it ,run from option provided in compiler itself..

(2)Don’t use numpad for input as NumLock is not supportive in DosBox so instead use standard number keys to give numeric input.

Now whenever you open dos box to use TC ,every time you have to type all codes again ,to make it simple you can follow this :

Goto : START > ALL PROGRAMS > DOSBox-0.74 > OPTIONS > DOSBox 0.74 Options.

open DOSBox 0.74 Options . You’ll find a notepad gets open ,scroll it to end part and you will get something like this ,

Add this line at end and save that file ,just press CTRL+S. Don’t try to edit any thing else,or you’ll end up messing all.

mount c c:\dosbox
cd tc\bin

It should look like this.

So now next time when you open dos box ,this codes will get execute in ordered fashion and you just require to type tc to open compiler..