Recovering Ubuntu/Linux After Installing Windows

Restore GRUB2 after installing Windows

How I Restored GRUB2 after a Windows 7 Install. GRUB2 (Grand Unified Bootloader)  is a universal bootloader used by Ubuntu and other Linux Distributions. If you have a Linux Distribution installed on a partition, and attempt to  install Windows alongside it, your GRUB bootloader will be overwritten by the Windows bootloader, and your computer will only boot into Windows.

Recovering the GRUB2 Bootloader after a Windows Install  is simple. When finished, your Bootloader should detect all installed Operating Systems and automatically add a bootable menu item for each of them.

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Recovering Linux Grub (bootloader) In MultiBoot System.

Many of us would have faced problem of loosing linux grub/bootloader in multiboot system of Windows+Linux  after formatting the windows partition.Ina multiboot system , whenever we format system which was installed first we loose the boot option of the other operating system, here is the simple solution of recovering the linux boot option back without formatting again the linux partition

You Will Need :
1. Your current Linux’s  LIVE installation DISK.
2.Free 5 min of time 🙂

Ok after booting Linux LIVE disk open terminal and,

1.TYPE command:

sudo fdisk -l

it’ll give you list of all disk partition  ,so you can find in which partition linux is insatalled .
(in my case it’s ‘sda7’)

2.TYPE command:

sudo mount /dev/sda7 /mnt

This will mount partition having linux.

3.TYPE command:

sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt/ /dev/sda

Now This’ll install GRUB back.

If You have done it in correct way , you’ll get multiboot option back, so remove disk and reboot again ,ENJOY…:)


4.TO update grub (OPTIONAL) reboot device in linux and TYPE command:

sudo update-grub

You Are Done Now ..