7 VLC Tips And Tricks That You Should Know


VLC is perhaps one of the most versatile and feature-loaded media players around. The open-source, cross-platform software is known for its ability to play videos encoded in most of the well-known video and audio formats. Apart from being a media player, VideoLAN Client, or VLC, can also act as a streaming media server, a CD-ripper, a screen-capture tool and much more. Although many people use the renowned media tool as a video player, its amazing prowess in other areas often goes overlooked. So, if you’re one of those people looking to get the most out of this popular media player, read on as we cover the best tips and tricks for your VLC.
1. Converting files
VLC can also act as an audio and video converter, thus allowing you to switch your media to and from different formats like MP3, OGG, and MP4. To get started with file conversion, simply press Ctrl+R or if you aren’t a big fan of keyboard shortcuts, simply go to the Media option in the menubar. Then, select the file or files you want to convert by using the Add button. Once you’re done adding them, hit the Convert/Save button. Now, a new window will pop up letting you choose the destination and the output format. Choose the appropriate settings and hit the start button.

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